What Do You Deserve?

The more I travel and enjoy this journey through life, the more I realize that I have something to share.

Writing is enjoyable for me (therapeutic, you could say) and I find joy in sharing my experiences.

Because I’m aware that this is my first blog entry, and in the interest of introducing myself to you, I’ll start by telling you about my favorite beautiful thing.

After all, this is a blog called, “All Things Beautiful”.

As much as I love to travel and see beautiful parts of the world, there is something that I enjoy having around me as often as I possibly can.

That something is flowers.

Some people want diamonds and pearls. Give me flowers.

It doesn’t matter if they are part of a bouquet in a crystal vase or they’re scattered in a field for all to enjoy. I enjoy flowers so much that I would actually plan a trip to see them. I have plans to take a family vacation to France next year, and I can already imagine the conversation with my husband:

H: “Where to next? The Eiffel Tower? The Louvre? Your wish is my command.”
Me: “You know what? Let’s detour to Provence and visit the lavender fields. I hear that they’re beautiful this time of year.”

My husband would agree to this venture, because he knows how much I love flowers.

I’ve been married for 23 years and flowers have been a part of every special occasion in my life. With the exception of Christmas, my husband never has to worry about finding the right gift. That’s right, give me flowers. I never get tired of receiving them. I can expect a bright, beautiful bouquet for birthdays and anniversaries. I’m greeted with flowers on Mother’s Day. I wait on a flower delivery the way kids wait for Christmas morning. I’m not kidding.

About two years ago, there was a shift in the way I viewed receiving flowers as a ‘special occasion only’ treat. I found tulips on sale at Whole Foods and bought a bunch because their vibrant colors caught my eyes. I already knew the perfect place for them in my home, and I put them in a vase in my living room.

I smiled every time I passed them.

I would glance at them during the day and smile.


That’s when it hit me. I didn’t have to wait for special occasions to enjoy flowers. I could treat myself to something beautiful (within my budget, of course) that brought me joy. Now, at least once a month, flowers are a part of my decor.

Why did it take me this long to come to this conclusion. Maybe it was because I viewed anniversaries, birthdays and Mother’s Day as celebrations, and every day life was…well, every day life? Didn’t every day deserve to be celebrated as a gift?

A bunch of tulips on sale at Whole Foods sparked a movement in my life.

Treat yourself. Don’t wait for special occasions.

Treat yourself. Every day life is more than enough of a celebration and special occasion to treat yourself.

All Things Beautiful means finding beauty in every day life. What have you done lately to celebrate life?

Better yet, what event in your life deserves to be celebrated?

5 thoughts on “What Do You Deserve?

  1. Amen. Every day is a gift and should be treated as such. I too will find ways to ‘treat myself’ even if it’s in the simplest of things. Love love love Leisure Lambie!!

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