Happy New Happiness

A few years ago, a friend of mine from Russia taught me how to say, “Happy New Year” in Russian.

Well, not in Russian, but rather how the new year greeting shared among Russians translates to English.

I really liked the translation of “Happy New Year” into “Happy New Happiness”.

“New Happiness” describes the feeling of a new beginning that a new year should bring.

Quite often our “Happy New Happiness” turns to disappointment when we make resolutions. Within themselves, resolutions are not bad. They are made with good intentions to achieve a goal.

I used to make resolutions, but found that trying to keep them was taxing on my time and, well, my resolve to keep my resolutions. I even renamed them ‘goals’, but there was  no difference in whether I kept them or not.

It wasn’t until 2016 that I found a better way to gain a more focused perspective on my year. It involved choosing one word that would be a guide through the year. The concept made sense to me.

I chose the word ‘simplicity’ that year, and from the first day of January to the last day of December, that one word guided the decisions I made and the way I planned my day. It positively affected each and every aspect of my life.

I continued to choose a different word each year, and the effect on my daily life was always profound.

My word in 2017 was ‘savor’ and I chose the word ‘joy’ in 2018.

This year I chose the word ‘peace’.

There are positive changes and new adventures ahead in 2019. The days ahead involve making decisions about everything from decorating to travel. Without peace, moments that are supposed to bring joy, excitement, and happiness, can be filled with contention and chaos.

Just as I’ve practiced since 2016, I’ve already started to apply the word peace to each day of my life. It’s no surprise that I’m already noticing a positive effect.

If you were going to choose one word for the year, the #OneWord365 that would replace resolutions, what would be your word?

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